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Expecting the unexpected

Specifying safety-critical circuit cables for fire survival

November 2023

Humidity research paper

Humidity affects properties, materials and our well-being. However,…

March 2023

Avoid the risk of new homes failing to pass building regs under the new Part O

Guidance from designers, building physicists, simulation experts and…

August 2022

How to improve building energy efficiency with IEC 60364-8-1

As the number of buildings and their associated…

April 2022

Seizing the future of energy management

Energy’s future will embrace new value chains interconnected…

March 2022

Reform the design-build process

Building owners and tenants are demanding greater, verifiable…

March 2022

Thermally Activated Building Structures

A structural approach to space heating and cooling

June 2021

White paper: Optimising your building services installation

Walraven guide aims to reduce cost, time on…

June 2021

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White paper: Design considerations for potable water pipework

Viega’s white paper offers up-to-date information on UK…

June 2018 Pipework