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Autodesk provides various channels and communities for you to share your feedback and insights. Learn how you can contribute Autodesk Revit design enhancements.

The Building Services Engineering industry faces challenging demands and pressures, and technology offers creative opportunities and solutions. Smoother collaboration amongst teams and a seamless experience across each stage of the plan, design, build, and operate process is crucial to deliver innovative Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Design and Sustainable solutions.

Autodesk’s planning and design technology for building engineers includes Revit. Revit enables users to better understand building, energy and environmental performance throughout the building life cycle to empower and support businesses and organizations within the industry.

Customer feedback influences design solutions

As a customer-focused company, Autodesk provides various channels and communities to share feedback and insights. These valuable feedback opportunities support Autodesk’s ability to prioritize the Revit public product roadmap.

The Autodesk Research Community invites members to participate in research opportunities throughout the year that are tailored to their experience and expertise. Offering exclusive look into what Autodesk is reviewing and designing, customers can learn about the development process as it unfolds.

There’s a range of activities to suit your preferences from surveys to speaking directly with research and design teams in interviews, usability sessions or continuous review and feedback projects. Members can learn about key research findings and next steps, which are shared in the community.

Diverse perspectives from rich and varied experiences helps Autodesk to identify and address customer’s key pain points and challenges that are encountered globally. Through real-world research, Autodesk can use this data to drive new creative opportunities for both businesses and the Building Services Engineering industry.

Join and learn more about the Autodesk Research Community here: Autodesk Research Community

We neet you! Moving forward with future industry solutions 

Autodesk aims to improve and innovate Revit for its next wave of releases and launch milestones.

We welcome all other MEP Professionals using Autodesk software to connect with us.

Autodesk especially wants to speak to BIM Managers, MEP Fabrication Content Developers, MEP Fabrication Database Administrators.

Your insights can help shape the future and influence the development of cutting-edge tools that will refine the industry standards. As well as gaining early and privileged access to the latest information for competitive advantage, you will also provide input on what feature and capabilities are essential to you.

Watch your feedback become an integral part of the software as we collaborate to help innovate, create and solve global issues and challenges.

Unlock the future potential of your Autodesk Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing experience. 

Delivering on customer feedback 

Autodesk has delivered hundreds of customer requests in recent releases of Autodesk Revit, significantly enhancing its core functionality from design to documentation.

Enabled by customer research, these enhancements reflect our commitment to meeting user needs to produce better design deliverables more quickly, with less rework and repetition.

Five months into 2024, significant updates to Revit MEP include:

  • Operating Schedule Enhancements (Revit Release 2025)

Create complex operating schedules to accurately represent building use during an energy analysis.

The operating schedules have been updated to provide users with greater control when specifying occupancy, lighting, and power loads throughout the year. Previously, only one type of day could be set for the entire year during an energy analysis. With the latest update, users can now apply multiple day schedules to a yearly schedule. This enhancement enables users to accurately account for weekends, holidays, summer shutdowns, and other specific periods. With this enhancement, the user interface is updated to make the creation of a complex operating schedule easier.

  • Analytical Duct and Pipe Segments (Revit Release 2025)

Inspect and visualize pressure drop and flow data in design and fabrication networks. Analytical segments are exposed in the user interface as sub-elements. These segments may be selected, tagged, and scheduled.

  • MEP Parameters (Revit Release 2025)

New parameters have been added to data panels and fabrication ductwork, enhancing workflow capabilities.

For example, the parameter ‘Maximum Amount of Circuits’ can be used to set the maximum number of ports on each data panel. When you connect more devices than the set capacity of the panel, you will receive a warning indicating that you have exceeded the panel’s capacity.

The Autodesk Research Community has been a great place to find customers interested in helping us deliver these solutions and enhancements” said Wesley Song, Senior Principal UX Designer for AEC.

“Their feedback has been invaluable to ensure we meet targeted progress and deliver against our product roadmap, addressing the critical issues affecting our customers and improve the satisfaction on those focussed items.”

Help Shape the Future of Building Services Engineering