Thermally Activated Building Structures

A structural approach to space heating and cooling

The built environment relies on innovative technologies to equip buildings with services fit for future needs. This is especially true for temperature control, which has typically used all-air HVAC systems for both heating and cooling. While these systems work well in principle, the high energy consumption and the growing importance of green building design means new approaches are now necessary. Thermally Activated Building Structures, or TABS, offers one of the best routes forward in this respect, particularly for new offices and educational establishments.

For over twenty years, REHAU has been involved in more than four hundred projects around the world delivering over two million square meters of TABS. But the technology is still relatively new to the UK market, with only a handful of landmark projects found across the country. Given the pressure deliver buildings fit for future needs, now seems an opportune time to expand and standardise use of TABS in all suitable domestic construction projects.

This whitepaper begins to explore the technology, how it works, why its necessary and most importantly, what can be gained for the M&E sector.