What’s in store? Innovation in thermal storage

Researchers at the universities of Bath and Swansea claim to have made a breakthrough in thermal storage using a material derived from renewable seaweed. Molly…

August 2023 Heat recovery

TM65.2: shining a light on embodied energy

Calculating embodied energy in lighting equipment can now be done more accurately thanks to the new CIBSE TM65.2 guide, which, say co-authors Kristina Allison and…

August 2023 Lighting

Clear decisions: whole life carbon for façades

By applying the CWCT embodied carbon calculation methodology to a Croydon office, Patrick Ryan Associates estimated whether selecting a new high-performing façade is better for…

August 2023 Embodied carbon

What the awards data reveals

The quality of data submitted alongside project entries for CIBSE’s Building Performance Awards improves each year. Julie Godefroy analyses the 2023 entries and signposts potential…

August 2023 awards

Building Regulations update: single sex toilets

In response to a growing trend towards ‘gender neutral’ toilets, Government is consulting a new Part T of the Building Regulations dealing with toilet provision.…

August 2023 Public health

Formula for success: Sizing heat pumps in hybrid energy centres

Reducing the size of heat pumps in hybrid energy centres can cut carbon and capital costs dramatically – but what ratio of heat should they…

July 2023 Decarbonisation

Lighting’s critical role in healthcare

As well as minimising infection risk, the big trend in healthcare lighting is circadian lighting. HDR’s Karen Murphy looks at the latest research

Phased approach: optimising heat networks

The government’s new Heat Network Optimisation Guide aims to improve the performance of existing networks by rigorously analysing performance and making cost-effective interventions that maximise efficiency.…

July 2023 Heat network

Beauty in standardisation: Travis Perkins’ digital plan to decarbonise housebuilding

Travis Perkins’ WholeHouse digital design platform allows housebuilders to deliver efficient, repeatable housing to the latest sustainability standards, and includes prefabricated heat pump systems. Alex…

July 2023 Decarbonisation

Case study: Comberton Village College heat network

The installation of a new heat network at Comberton Village College is set to significantly reduce the heating bill and save 248 tonnes of CO2.…

July 2023 Decarbonisation
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