Plantroom pioneer: CIBSE Engineer of the Year Phil Draper

Phil Draper has been pioneering heat pump retrofits in commercial buildings since 2012 and has now been recognised as CIBSE’s Engineer of the Year. Andy Pearson finds out what the industry can learn from his innovative and collaborative approach

The bigger picture: non-domestic heat pump retrofits

Retrofitting heat pumps in non-domestic buildings will be key if the UK is to meet its net zero targets. To help building owners assess the best solutions, a UK-led International Energy Agency project is developing a tool based on potential cost and carbon savings. Roger Hitchin reports

Essential lessons from electric schools

Too many all-electric schools are being designed for peak loads that will never be met, says Cundall’s Peter Hazzard, who has been analysing data from previous designs to slash electrical demand

Sound advice

Noise and vibration from HVAC systems such as large heat pumps can have a huge impact on occupant comfort. KP Acoustics Group’s Kyriakos Papanagiotou and Mason UK’s Adam Fox say CIBSE’s Guide B4, and early engagement with acoustic specialists, will give peace of mind

Formula for success: Sizing heat pumps in hybrid energy centres

Reducing the size of heat pumps in hybrid energy centres can cut carbon and capital costs dramatically – but what ratio of heat should they supply? Research by FairHeat’s Ellie Hiscock used hourly load modelling to come up with a rule of thumb for the optimal heat ratios for heat pumps and thermal storage with electric boilers