CP1: Heat Networks: Code of Practice for UK available for free

CP1 (2020) offers technical guidance and has been used by industry professionals as a vital technical reference and by developers to set standards for their new heat networks.

CIBSE’s CP1 Heat Networks: Code of Practice (2020) for the UK is now available for free, on the CIBSE Knowledge Portal, with code FREE.

The move is a result of a partnership between CIBSE and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ),and is thanks to generous funding provided by DESNZ. The collaborative aims to democratise access to crucial information outlined in CP1 (2020) and facilitate better preparedness for the forthcoming heat network regulations in 2025. CIBSE and DESNZ will work together to update the Code for publication in 2025, which will also be available for free download.

CP1 (2020) serves as a vital repository of technical guidance, delineating voluntary minimum standards for heat networks across the UK. Following its latest update in 2020, CP1 has emerged as the cornerstone for regulatory standards embraced by the Heat Network Technical Assurance Scheme (HNTAS).

CIBSE’s Technical Director, Dr Anastasia Mylona said about this partnership: “We’re excited to partner with DESNZ to offer CP1 (2020) free to all stakeholders. This vital guide sets standards for UK heat networks, promoting industry preparedness for upcoming regulations. It reflects our commitment to advancing best practices and sustainability.”

This alliance between CIBSE and DESNZ not only heralds a new era of accessibility and collaboration but also underscores the pivotal role of technical standards in driving industry progress. By making CP1 (2020) freely available, CIBSE and DESNZ are championing inclusivity, innovation and excellence within the UK’s heat network sector, setting a precedent for transformative change and industry leadership.

To download the publication for free visit: www.cibse.org/CP1