Intelligent solutions for safer water systems

Continuous monitoring of water quality within HVAC systems plays a vital role in ensuring the long-term health and longevity of building networks, avoiding costly repairs, replacement or downtime.

The urban emergency: addressing environmental quality

Designers must take a holistic approach to the urban environment, say members of the UK Urban Environmental Quality working group, who explain how elements such as wind, water and the urban form can be addressed to optimise air quality and thermal comfort

Sustainable cooling in a warming world

As carbon emissions from cooling spiral upwards, Professor Graeme Maidment reveals the latest research underpinning government strategy on air conditioning and refrigeration

The bigger picture: non-domestic heat pump retrofits

Retrofitting heat pumps in non-domestic buildings will be key if the UK is to meet its net zero targets. To help building owners assess the best solutions, a UK-led International Energy Agency project is developing a tool based on potential cost and carbon savings. Roger Hitchin reports

Heat networks: countdown to regulation

New regulations due next year are set to revolutionise the design and operation of heat networks in the UK. Phil Jones and Gareth Jones look at the latest rule proposals and explain the importance of technical assurance in setting performance standards in new and existing networks