Protecting building occupants from wildfire smoke

With wildfires recognised as an ‘emergent risk’ in the UK, what can be done to HVAC systems to mitigate the impact on the health of people in buildings? Phil Lattimore looks at the worldwide effect of wildfire smoke

Guide M update: maintaining healthy environments

Health and wellbeing is at the heart of the updated Guide M: Maintenance engineering and management. Chapter author Colin Goodwin describes the key topics that are addressed, such as lighting, water quality and infection control

Hospital ventilation: can air purification systems provide relief?

Poor ventilation has been identified as a contributing factor to Covid-19 transmission in NHS hospitals. In seeking solutions, a study by Lewis Turner found that, while air purification systems reduce infection risk, they should only be used when mechanical ventilation is not available. Tim Dwyer reports

Hardship and housing

Households hit hardest by the cost of living crisis are those most likely to live in unhealthy homes. UCL’s Professor Anna Mavrogianni considers the relationship between the built environment and health inequalities

Riding high: Dubai’s indoor rollercoaster

An effective air condition system was essential to making the Storm indoor rollercoaster viable in Dubai’s desert environment. Andy Pearson explains how Cundall minimised cooling loads by creating a temperature gradient using a tower of air handling units

How Britain’s film industry was saved from the London fog

In the early days of cinema, the UK’s biggest studios were in central London, but pervasive fog – ‘pea-soupers’ – was entering film sets and causing huge disruption. Richard Farmer describes how pioneering air cleaning techniques saved the studios