Europa Way Triangle housing scheme demonstrates net zero carbon

Net zero construction consultancy and calculation services supported the developer in delivering the scheme

Zed House concept aims to show what is required to deliver operational net zero carbon homes at scale

Zero carbon home concept called the Zed House will be occupied and monitored to assess its performance

Should we specify direct electric solutions into existing homes to meet net zero?

Approved Document L volume 1 raises the question of whether direct electric solutions should be used to decarbonise the existing housing stock

May 2022

Rinnai adds heat pumps to expanding H3 product list

New carbon calculation service allows customers to identify most effective heating system

April 2022 Products & services

Rinnai’s new carbon cost comparison aid: online and on demand

The Rinnai Carbon Cost Comparison Form offers a free appraisal of a site’s current hot water delivery system

April 2022

Trade up on hot water heating – don’t go ‘like for like’

Hydrogen blends-ready Rinnai continuous flow hot water delivery units and systems analysis shows cost reductions of nearly 20 % of the running cost, over 30…

April 2022 Products & services
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