Monitoring the situation: cost effective remote water quality testing

By monitoring water quality remotely, expensive remedial works can be avoided. FairHeat’s Peter Horne looks at the costs…

September 2022 Pipework

Radical departure? Retrofitting for heat pumps

With the pressure on homeowners to replace domestic gas boilers with heat pumps, it is essential that engineers…

March 2022 Pipework

Watershed moment: closed-loop pre-treatment cleaning of pipework

A method of pre-commission pipework cleaning that could save millions of litres of water has been accepted by…

January 2021 Pipework

Sizing the opportunity – using software tools to reduce oversizing of HVAC

Integrated design and dynamic modelling can help overcome the problem of HVAC oversizing, says Autodesk’s Steven Butler and…

February 2020 Pipework

Roundtable: the importance and appropriateness of material selection when specifying pipework

Appropriate material selection for pipework is essential if HVAC systems are to be fully optimised. At a roundtable…

September 2019 Pipework
CIBSE Journal November 2018 magnetic filtration corrosion

Magnetic attraction – maintaining system performance with magnetic filtration

Helping to minimise the destructive impact of corrosion on heating systems will improve plant durability and efficiency. Adey’s…

November 2018 Pipework
CIBSE Journal October 2018 acoustic drainage

Acoustic session – eliminating drainage noise

Without appropriate acoustic drainage people living in close proximity can be disturbed by unwanted noise from neighbours, says…

September 2018 Pipework
CIBSE Journal October 2018 Emmeti MLCP pipework

Smooth operator – multi-layer composite pipes

Piping made from multi-layer composite pipe is a viable alternative to copper because it offers flexibility, speed of…

September 2018 Pipework
CIBSE Journal October 2018 Blocked pipe Icom guide

Hard facts – new Icom guide to water quality

An estimated half of all commercial hot-water systems have operational problems because of limescale, says Sentinel Commercial’s Chris…

September 2018 Pipework
CIBSE Journal June 2018 pipework materials

Water ways – specifying soil and drainage pipes

Is inertia holding us back when it comes to material selection for key products, such as drainage pipes…

May 2018 Pipework
CIBSE Journal June 2018 legionella pipework

Minimising risk of legionella in domestic water services

Good engineering design and client-side control management are key to the successful containment of legionella bacteria. Aecom’s Richard…

May 2018 Pipework
plastic pipes and fittings for domestic systems

Guidance: Discharge from storage cylinders into pipework systems

Good pipe plumbing is key to supporting safety in buildings. BPF Pipes Group’s Steve Skeldon shares best practice…

September 2017 Pipework
CIBSE Journal May 2017 Colin Taylor heat networks

Heat network pipework: Burying an investment, not a problem

The design and installation of pipework is often overlooked in the delivery of heat networks, with potentially catastrophic…

May 2017 Pipework
CIBSE Journal October 2016 Hevasure Francis Crick

Testing the water – tackling corrosion in pipework

Unseen corrosion in pipework can have a huge effect on the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Continual…

September 2016 Pipework
Grooved pipe jointing

Thermal expansion and grooved pipe-joining systems

A grooved pipe-joining system is one method of accommodating thermal expansion and contraction in HVAC systems. Victaulic’s Larry…

January 2016 Pipework